The tradition of the industry in Remscheid goes back over many centuries. Even the smiths used at the beginning the water of the rivers and the charcoal in the area.

Remscheid was founded in the 12th century. Till the 19th century it was a small place. The industrial revolution brought the economic growth to the entire region of Bergisches Land by which also Remscheid developed further. Soon became mechanical engineering and tool production the main activities of the village.

New facilities 2013.

In 1897 the Müngstener Bridge was built. It crosses a valley and still today connects Remscheid with the neighbouring city of Solingen. The bridge is 107 metres high and therefore the highest railway bridge in Germany.

Alfred Berghaus gave the company Alberg its name. Nowadays the company still mantains the same name. Since the 17th century the surname Berghaus is strongly connected with metalworking. At the beginning of the 20th century began the production in Remscheid.

At present, the factory is in an expansion process. Modern machines are used for the manufacture of tools, inserts and special tools for various ranges of applications. These tools are used both for metalworking as well as for other industrial processes.

We specialize in cutting tools for the metalworking industry.

DIN and special tools for turning and milling.
Highly positive cutting us have in the metalworking industry announced.